The Effects Of Post Colonialism On Social Mobility Essay

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Back in the days when the effect of post-colonialism was still real, education was only affordable to the whites and the upper-class families. This brought about the hierarchy of power where the wealthy capitalist accessed first class education for their children, and basically excluding the low-class children from this system of education (Croxford 372). This, therefore, leads to inequality to social mobility, where the lower class members have less opportunity for social mobility. Mainly due to the fact that individuals from traditional schools belong to that particular social class, and their opportunity is purely based on their background character. Currently, this is said to be true due to the differences in culture, class, education systems and different opportunities in social mobility. This paper will, therefore, focus on the effects of education on social mobility.
Firstly, due to socioeconomic background of different individuals, those from the low-class background are less likely to complete their high school, and for those who do, high chances are they do not go to universities. The lower class individuals, who successfully enroll in universities, are less likely to complete, and very few get to graduate. This consequently increases the gap between the lower class individuals and the middle and upper-class individuals. The education and social mobility also relate to; where the parents of students in a high-class school always have high expectations on good

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