The Effects Of Prosthetics On The Field Of Medicine Essay

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If somebody loses a limb due to trauma or disease, then they lose all the functionality of that limb, and are left without one. Over the course of the past years a developing field has been prosthetics. Recent wars have propelled the need and use of prosthetics thereby introducing research and money to help this field of medicine. Prosthesis is defined by the dictionary as “a device, either external or implanted, that substitutes for or supplements a missing or defective part of the body.”
Prosthetics gives the chance to achieve a healthy, normal life for many people. Prosthetics has changed drastically since the beginning as now the developers are able to customize the artificial limb using different materials depending on where the location of the limb will be thereby increasing compatibility and efficacy of the prosthetic. The components of prosthetics are the pylon, socket, and the suspension system. Depending on the component of the socket, the material used for it will change for optimal results. Prosthetics contain many field that range from developing a proper artificial limb, to making a cosmetic limb what will match a person’s body. However, the developer must take into account the many forces that are associated with prosthetics. Some of the main forces associated with human and animal leg prosthetics are: the force of gravity, normal force, the force of friction, force of tension, and the applied force. While producing and developing the prosthetics, the

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