The Effects Of Reality Television On A Person 's Life Essay

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Getting an inside look on a person’s life can be fascinating. In the early 1950’s the world of television took advantage of an audience’s interest in the lives of ordinary people with the introduction of the radio show Nightwatch (Barovick). The show followed a group of Culver City police officers on patrol and cracked the door open for reality television. An American Family in 1973, opened the door even more with the introduction of a camera following a family throughout their everyday lives and discovering their deepest secrets, relationship problems, and overall private information in the process (Barovick). The ability to bring a camera into a place so close to home inspired networks to take advantage of the cheap production costs and high ratings that soon shaped the world of reality television. Reality television falls into five categories: game shows, contest shows, talent shows, watch and learn shows, and voyeuristic shows. Within these five varieties, there are numerous sub-genres such as dating shows and documentary or lifestyle series’. Through these sub-genres, the roles of women have expanded and developed into something unimaginable. The early 2000’s brought with it a new age of reality television; one that included women as the main focus. This new theme brought with it an assortment of outlooks on women and how they should be viewed on television. With shows like The Bachelor, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and The Real Housewives women are seen as

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