The Effects Of Stress On Stress And Stress

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Merriam-Webster defines stress as “a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation” (Stress, 2015). Many people think of stress as being overworked or overwhelmed, but stress can be caused by all facets of everyday life. Through the evaluation of my stress self-assessment and the course readings, it has become abundantly evident that stress impacts the body, is affected by motivation and emotions, and by understanding the psychology of stress it makes everyday stress significantly easier to manage. Stress assessments can be key to understanding your stress level, the causes of stress in your life, and more importantly how stress is currently affecting you. After taking two online stress evaluations, I have discovered that I am significantly more stressed that I was previously willing to admit. Both tests revealed that I am in extreme danger of stress induced health problems and I was able to directly relate many of my current health issues to the various stress factors in my life. In light of these revelations, I was not surprised by the test results. Stress left uncontrolled can cause illness, high blood pressure, strained relationships, headaches, fatigue, depression and anxiety to name a few (Stress Management, 2000). For me, the signs of stress are being chronically tense, easily agitated, or having a prolonged feeling of being overwhelmed. “When you have no control over stress, all kinds of
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