The Effects Of Water On Our Earth

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The earth is facing a lot of environmental crises today; which humans have caused. To make life more comfortable, Humans have advanced in technology to such extent that it has reached every corner of the world. Bent on improving the conditions of life for humans without giving attention to what affect this development will have on other types of life on earth. Everyone is so caught up in paying attention to the growing industries and the growth of the community that they don’t realize how the things that are good for us as humans can also be harmful to all forms of life on earth. All aspects of life on the earth have been affected, as well as the sources of water. The contamination of water has affected life everywhere due to the fact that water is the essence of life. Contamination to water of any kind is altering life itself. Water undoubtedly is the most important natural resource of this planet. We recognize the fact that water is required for everything on this planet but yet disregard it by polluting rivers, lakes and other water bodies. Water pollution is the leading cause of death and diseases worldwide. Water is mainly considered to be polluted when it is impaired by anthropogenic contaminants and doesn 't support human use. There are many specific reasons behind what causes water pollution. One of the major causes of water pollution that has caused serious health and environment problems is the harmful pollutants coming from the industrial and chemical
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