The Effects of the Jim Crow Laws Essay

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Jim Crow was a man who created laws, that affected many peoples lives during the 1960s. These laws made it much harder for blacks mainly in the South, but then it started to move upward in the United States. There were many purposes leading to creating these laws. During this era, blacks were excluded from many things and opportunities. These laws made many changes and changed how the things were after these laws were taken away. The Jim Crow Laws affected, harmed, excluded, and ruined many blacks and in some cases white peoples lives.
There were many purposes to creating these laws. The creator of the laws Jim crow was a “racial caste system which operated primarily, but not exclusively in southern and border states,”around the middle …show more content…

pag.) Blacks were not allowed to show any affection towards whites, because they got offended. (Pilgram n. pag.) In addition to, discrimination was strong and took over during this time period.

During the 60s, discrimination was very strong and took place during this time, when it came to the Jim Crow laws, blacks were excluded from what whites had the ability to do. In the South, and around it these laws were strongly enforced, African - Americans felt as if they would be safer by heading North. In 1810 whites thought that blacks were here in this world to be put to work. They thought blacks did not deserve any respect. (Jim Crow Laws n. pag.) For about 80 years, most of the United States, pushed towards Jim Crow laws . “From Delaware to California, and from North Dakota to Texas, many states could impose legal punishments on people for consorting with members of another race.” (Jim Crow… n. pag.) The laws kept both blacks and whites from sharing anything with each other. It caused a lot of hatred towards one another but all they wanted was to be treated the same. Although there were many laws, many of them had many reasons to them. Whites did not use the blacks names in a respectful manner, they called them by their first name. The blacks had to call them by their name with Mr., Mrs., Miss, sir, or mam. (Pilgram n. pag.) If blacks rode in the same car as a white and the white

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