The Eleventh Amendment : The Outliers Of The Special Amendments

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Lydia Morningstar Mr. McKown Government 05 December 2017 11, 21, and 27 The Special Amendments The eleventh, twenty first, and twenty seventh amendments are the outliers of their little group of amendments. They are the special cases that have come about out of desperation and determination. There are two main questions about these three amendments that we need to ask. What caused these amendments to be created in the first place? What lasting effects do these amendments have? These two questions and the actual wording of the amendments should be a good way to understand them a little more. The Eleventh amendment came about from the Supreme Court case Chisholm v. Georgia. This case came from Alexander Chisholm who sued Georgia for a debt that was never payed to Captain Robert Farquhar. Farquhar was a merchant in South Carolina and also sold supplies to the state of Georgia on credit. After the civil war ended Georgia decided to break its credit by not paying Farquhar because of the accusation that he was a British loyalist. Chisholm was able to sue Georgia because Farquhar left Chisholm as the executor of his estate when he passed away. The Supreme Court made a decision in Chisholm's favor. This upset Georgia so much that it passed a law stating that anyone who believed in the verdict would be able to hang. The Eleventh Amendment was made to reverse the original decision of the Supreme Court.(An overview of the 11th amendment, 2017) The amendment itself states “The

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