The Emergence of Yellow Power

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The common perspective of the civil rights movement is often seen from one angle: and that is the African American civil rights movement towards racial equality. And though this movement had significant historical context in American history, the pursuits of other minorities such as the Asian American civil rights movement are often undermined and overlooked. Yet, the Asian American movement surpassed the efforts of the African American movement despite the social and cultural obstacles faced with integrating into a new society. Through intrinsic cultural unity and the influences of the African American civil rights movement, the Asian American civil rights movement achieved more success than the African American civil rights movement …show more content…

The Asian American civil rights movement was set into motion and challenged Asian stereotypes and promoted equal rights as Asian Americans took charge. Since then, African and Asian Americans moved together in the pursuit for racial equality in similar pacing. Therefore, to fight for racial equality and combat bigotry, African Americans formed the NAACP as the Japanese Americans formed the JACL--similar organization both against racial discrimination and to assist its members in rising up in society. These councils significantly impacted the United States as they promoted the causes for social equality and influenced similar organizations all over the United States. Essentially as a catalyst for the civil rights movement, such organizations played a major role in gaining the voice of the people and created unification of citizens reluctant to voice their opinions in a white dominated country. For example, a similar council was created known as the Jackson Street Community Council, which promoted business, social groups, and public services. This created ethnic cooperation between blacks and Asians in the community because of the prior competition between the colored regions of Seattle for jobs. This council helped dissolve tension, not only between Japanese and African Americans, but also between Japanese and whites, which came from the resentment from the war and Japanese internment.

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