The Emotion Of Not Knowing A Situation'S Outcome Is The

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The emotion of not knowing a situation 's outcome is the worst feeling when it comes to someone 's health. People who are worried tend to jump to the worst-case scenario first before thinking the situation through. Doctors try to relieve people of this habit by giving them good news or other treatments pertaining to their condition or sickness. Many doctors prescribe or offer these treatments that are Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). These are medicines that have not been fully studied by medical professionals however, are certainly helpful in correcting an illness or condition. There are thousands of practices of CAM and most of them have been around for hundreds or thousands of years. These practices have been looked down …show more content…

The CDC report also showed that because of this aid to knee pain and to chemotherapy patients that the number of people using acupuncture increased during 2002 to 2007 (Barnes, Patricia M. and Barbara Bloom 6).
Furthermore, the National Library of Medicine examined numerous practices of CAM ranging from physical medicine to mental medicine for example Tai Chi. This study included 66 people who were diagnosed with fibromyalgia and these people had a significantly greater decrease in total score on the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire, that was used to determine the impact of fibromyalgia on a patient. The study also found that the group experienced greater sleep quality, mood, and quality of life after (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). Doctors and concerned parents constantly express their concerns about the safety and effectiveness of CAM by stating that there is no evidence however it can easily be shown by the National Library of Medicine trials. CAM has been studied by a bonafide source therefore CAM is safe to use as a prescription or an alternative option and doctors should make their paintes aware of these options furthering their inclination to use these treatments. Making decisions that affect the nation can be costly, however, if the government or company have all of the sides of the story then they will be more enthusiastic of having CAM in hospitals.

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