The Empty City

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There is a city where the sun and the moon neither rise nor set a city of perpetual twilight. Where there is no good or bad, no right or wrong. Everything is based on perspective in this ephemeral city. This city has no people, only shadows. Shades of former denizens who lost their dreams but not their hearts, a stagnate state of being alive but not living. This was the empty city. He was a lonely soul, new to this city devoid of life. Lucien had no memories of the past and no direction to move on into the future. The boy was about the age of 18 and he was taller than average, he also had a strong thick build to him. His eyes held a cold steely gaze that would show he was no stranger to a good fight as well as he how disconnected from people he really was. The boy had shaggy brown hair and equally as brown eyes. They were dark, not only in color but as well as in there was untold mysteries and an even more mysterious aura about him. He was tan but that fact was hidden under the torn cloak and dirty clothes he donned. He was complacent, confused. A strange sense of familiarity crept into the boy’s body. This reminded him of the place he saw when he slept, a reoccurring nightmare that he couldn’t escape. The air was stale here and the only light that shone into the city came from the dull sun and an even duller moon that both just hung lifeless in the sky. That’s when the boy noticed a swift movement under his feet. As he turned to look at his feet, he noticed something
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