The Enemy Within Depression : Depression

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Kaitlyn Holman Mrs. Vonda Ford English 6 February 2, 2015 The Enemy Within. Depression. Everyone has heard the word and many have experienced it, but not many know that 1 in 10 adults are depressed. Many also do not know what depression is exactly and how it can be treated. Depression can be a deadly disease caused by many things. It is important to know what causes depression, but it is also important to know what the signs are. Losing interest in activities once found fun or enjoyable is one of the many signs. Depression can happen during any time of your life, but what age groups and genders are affected more? Depression in men usually happens around their 40’s, but depression is twice as likely to happen in women. Depression happens to specific age groups and can go unnoticed by everyone till the point where its becomes a deadly disease, because people don’t know the signs and causes and what depression really is. Depression can be many things and affect many people. Depression could be explained by setbacks and disappointments; also, it is more than just sadness and self pity. The feeling could be explained by emotional pain, not feeling good enough; you know you shouldn’t feel that way but you do, forever in darkness, etc. Depression has many terms and types; one example is acute depression, which is similar to clinical endogenous or unipolar depression. “Acute”

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