The Entrance Of The House

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I was led away from the entrance of the house, trailing behind him slowly, absorbing everything in sight. There was an obvious theme of black and white and every inch of what I saw seemed spotless. I took one step at a time along the stairs until reaching the second landing. There was a plethora of doors on this one floor and I wondered if he had other people or more so women here. Pulling my bottom lip into my mouth, I fought the urge to ask. From what I’ve seen of him so far, I knew better than to ask, just by judging from his behavior with me earlier. We made it all the way towards the end of the hallway leading to the right. He pushed the door open and stepped aside for me to walk in. The lights were turned off but there was one sole …show more content…

“With what? I have nothing,” I huffed.

“Whose fault is that?” he snapped. “Your ass wanted to play like Wonder Woman instead of packing,” he grumbled.

“Okay,” I murmured, walking towards my new bed. I sat in the middle of it, crossing my legs over one another. “Can I get ice?”

“For what? You ain’t fall that hard now,” I rolled my eyes, annoyed at how stubborn he was being. “Take a bath. I’ll get you some shit,”

“It better not be any other bitches’ clothes either,” I mumbled under my breath, to which he didn’t hear; thank God. I looked around the room, analyzing every feature. There was a small balcony outside that I stepped out on, overlooking a beautiful pool. The slight breeze brushed against my skin and I sighed, already feeling overwhelmed with not being in the presence of my family and loved ones. If anything, I would love to ease their mind so they don’t have to worry about me and know that I was somewhat alright. Heading back into the room, I closed the door behind me softly and searched the room for a bathroom. Once I found it, I flicked on the light, marveling at the beautiful décor of the bathroom. It seemed like the further I walked around the room, the more I realized how big the room actually was.

I leaned over the bathtub and turned the water dial until it reached the perfect temperature. I made sure I had at least a towel in the room before locking the bathroom door, although hat

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