The Epic Of Gilgamesh By Andrew George And Monkey Essay

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Usually if a woman were to present herself to be a powerful being, she 's unpleasant, distasteful, or even exasperating. Women who express their sexual sides are viewed as loose, disrespectful to themselves, or despicable. People often forget that women can be powerful and sexual beings. Women in society, nowadays and even three thousand years ago have always dealt with these problems simply because they are not male. A woman could show complete class, intelligence, and ambition and portray herself to be a powerful or even sexual being and she would still be given a hard time. The Epic of Gilgamesh translated by Andrew George and Monkey translated by Arthur Waley have fantastic examples of women being looked up to for being immortal, powerful, and sexless while other women are looked down upon for having any association with sexual activity regardless of power or being mortal. My ultimate judgment about the view of women in the societies of both of these books is, even though there are very few women that are respected, it is explicit that women who hold qualities of sexual desire are looked down upon more than women who hold qualities of power. Both texts are harsh when it comes to depicting a female character. Shamhat the harlot and Ishtar the goddess of love are both main female characters in The Epic of Gilgamesh, both representing temptresses. Blue Orchid is a female character from the novel Monkey and she is represented as a powerless woman. Shamhat the harlot is

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