The Era Of The Heian Era

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It was evident to the historians of the present that the Heian era placed great emphasis on beauty. It was evident everywhere, and it was a significant part of the Heian aristocratic life. If one looked with a scrutinizing eye, he/she would have found beauty even in the most meagre things. Men and women alike praised the opposite gender for their beauty, but the praise was not limited to humans, it extended deeper into the Heian daily life. For a Heian aristocrat, a large part of beauty was observed in how he/she communicated with others, and that was through poetry. The poet had to be careful in the prose, the writing style, and the way the letter was presented.
In an era where beautiful literature superseded abstract speculation, poetry was the center of attention. As historians would say that it was a work of art because this formed the basis of all communications, verbal or written, and the Japanese tried to include poetry in any way possible. A man or women with no poetic skills was a handicap in the Heian society because of poetry’s central position in communications. Because poems were limited to 31 syllables, most of it was trite. Poetic competitions were held, and not all the poetic pieces written by competitors were original. This was totally understandable since the vernacular language hadn’t changed a lot since the lapse in relationships between the Japanese and Chinese. However, poetry still was vastly popular. Hundreds of pieces were written down every day,
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