The Era Of The Middle Class

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The Jacksonian Period, or the era of the “common man,” greatly satisfied its name. Even though President Jackson was not a common man himself, he was a great supporter of the middle class. He dramatically altered the country’s banking system, by replacing wealthy elites with middle class white men. Even after his presidency, a new political party, the Whigs, continued to enact his ideas and political reforms to benefit the middle class. Andrew Jackson was a War Hero, who was raised in western America. He didn’t go to school, and have get an education like his past presidents. However, having his military background, he was well informed on political ideals, and had his own opinion on how this nation should be ran. Jackson was a well off farmer and even owned many slaves. Like most of the people living in his time, he didn’t believe slaves were considered equal with white men. So the “common man” era referred only to white men. Prior to the Jacksonian era, America was socially divided into the West and the East, so Andrew Jackson’s presidential inauguration was a symbol of the west and the east coming together as one nation. The celebration was so grand, it nearly destroyed the White house. Carpets were dirty, glassware was destroyed, and mass chaos was evident. It was bitterly acknowledged by Jackson’s enemies that this was the start of the self-proclaimed “Reign of the King Mob.” Jackson’s first priority was to get rid of the current office holders in the federal
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