The Ethical Dilemma Mathew And The Immediate Permanency For Tonya Essay

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Introduction The ethical dilemma Mathew and I decided to write on was scenario three, where the mother left her daughter with an “unwilling caregiver” right after the father was incarcerated. In this case while the mother was pregnant with the girl, the mother used drugs, causing the baby to go through withdrawals after she was born. The daughter, Tonya, has now been in foster care for 19 months with the same family, and the mother was not able to be located. Now both her biological father and foster family have shown interest in wanting to keep Tonya, our ethical dilemma in this case is finding the best placement for Tonya in this situation. In this case we’re discussing prospective family reunification versus immediate permanency for Tonya. While Tonya is our main concern making this decision, we also have to consider the competency of the biological father and foster family.
Position Number One
The first option we found for Tonya was letting her stay in her current foster home until she could be reunified with her father, Mr. Calvert. He does have parental rights as her biological father, and as long as he takes the necessary steps and precautions that he is required to do to get her back, we do feel he deserves to have his daughter placed with him. It could be argued that spending at least two years in foster care could be too long for Tonya, but it has been found that it is average for most children to spend about two years in foster care (“Foster Care”, n.d.).

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