The Ethical Issues Of Abortion

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There are numerous ethical issues that can develop in labor and delivery whether this issue influences the mother, baby, or both. In healthcare, it is an obligation for the provider to give ideal care, treatment, and prevent harm to patients while making ethical choices. Here and there, these choices aren 't highly contrasting and providers must outweigh benefits versus harm in order to give the best care possible for mother and baby. One case of an ethical issues that emerges in obstetrics is late abortion in raped victim women.

What is late term abortion related to raped victims? late term abortion which is also known as post-viability abortion is the termination of pregnancy after the 20th week of gestation. Late term
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They also argue that before twenty weeks gestations fetus observed to show hormonal stress responses to painful stimuli and these responses were diminished when pain medication was administered to fetus. Therefore, pro-life wants to save lives of fetus at the phase at which medical evidence shows that they can feel pain (Cohen & Sayeed, 2011).
On the other hand, the against life or pro-abortion support abortion of fetus for many reasons. There are many times when abortion may be the best and only option for continuing live. One and most painful reason to mother is when rape occur. Rape is an act of violence, not a natural act of intercourse and intimate relationship between two. Rape wounds respect, freedom, physical and moral integrity which every person has the right to. In other words, raped victim did not choose to be pregnant for this reason she should not be forced to carry rapist’s baby against her will. Also some of the rape victims may be minors and not be mentally or physically prepared to take care of themselves and the newborn baby after delivering. (Ladock)
There is a need of support and good counseling for mothers and children who are the outcome of a rape

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