The Ethical Justification Of Abortion Essay

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Introduction Ethical justification of abortion is a controversial subject consisting of numerous significant theories that have been presented based on studies and researches. Basically, abortion refers to termination of pregnancy through removal of the undeveloped fetus. Seemingly, the act is highly condemned by majority sociologists and health practitioners due to violation of humanitarian ethics and morals. However, this particular perspective is orientated by the normative ethics system entailing utilitarianism versus deontology. Alternatively, this excerpt shall focus on analyzing the social altercations of abortion based on views and opinions presented by two influential individuals, namely Marquis and Steinbock. By identifying the main arguments and key elements apparent in the two arguments, the study is likely to derive rational insight concerning moral permissibility of abortion. Presentation of Topic Seemingly, the arguments presented by Marquis and Steinbock are both centralized on regarding the social act as immoral and inhumane. However, both sociologists adopt diverse approaches based on the eradicative attributes that justify abortion in rare inferences. According to Marquis’ argument, abortion is depicted as an abomination and should be considered as immoral as killing an adult human being. Seemingly, Marquis asserts that various health practitioners disregard the immorality of the act since they believe that the anti-abortion perspective is

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