The Ethics Of Being Charitable

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Being Charitable Moral obligation to be charitable to others in Mill’s perspective will be defined in terms of morality as the assessment of consequences. He will say that the correct or right action is the one that creates the greatest utility (happiness) for the greatest number. A utilitarian argument on obligation to others according to Mill will be very simple. In his definition, he will argue that in order for anyone to accept any obligation, they need to estimate the utility generated by accepting the obligations to others we do not know. An example will be being charitable to a homeless person who is about to steal from the grocery store due to his hunger. He will continue his argument by saying that we should estimate that …show more content…

His disagreements will be channeled to the “greatest happiness principle.” He will say actions like being “charitable” are rights in proportion, as they tend to promote happiness and they are wrong if it tends to produce the reverse of happiness, which is pain (2,7). His view on this statement will also be focused on pleasure. He also says individual must recognize that some pleasures are more desirable and valuable than others. Therefore why do a charitable deed if it prevents some sort of desirable pleasure. With this he asked to estimate pleasure on both its quality and quantity by measuring it. His claim is that by being able to measure your pleasure with your experience in what is valuable or not in doing a charitable deed will assist you on the decision of, if the pleasure is more desirable since that measurement will now depend on the greatest amount of your happiness. On the other hand, Aristotle will say yes “people do have a positive moral obligation to be charitable to others.” His agreement to this statement will be focused on whether the charitable deed seeks for some sort of “good and ends”. He says a good is what everything seeks, therefore if there will be some sort of good that will come out of being charitable to others, then there is an end that might either be an action or production. On his account he claims if there is some end we wish for in being charitable, and for the sake of others, then a good deed

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