The Events of the British General Strike Essay

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The Events of the British General Strike

Indeed it could be said that the failure of the general strike and resultantly any real change proves that Britain in 1926 was a conservative society, but others would argue that it wasn’t that the British people wanted change, it was just that the government and the elites didn’t.

Before we can begin to answer this question firstly we have to understand the exact meaning of the word conservative. I have found the meaning to be as follows; “Tending toward maintaining traditional and proven views, conditions and intuitions, favouring the preservation of established customs, values etc and opposing innovation”.

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The TUC (Trades Union Congress) promised support on the on the 1st of April, a day after the employers locked out over 1 million miners as they wouldn’t accept the terms proposed to them. I believe that the TUC as well as other unions such as the MFGB and the NUR wanted change as they all supported the strike movement. The TUC offered to co-operate in distribution of essential food and supplies and resume talks on behalf of the miners. This meant that the talks were still going and that change may still occur and by delivering essential supplies kept the British public on their side. The TUC again showed its support for the general strike by calling out major industries such as railwaymen and builders. I think that the TUC supported the strike because they knew that the working conditions that the miners had to endure were very poor and felt sorry for them, this coupled with the fact the miners were underpaid especially as the coal owners received huge profits from the war which the TUC saw as unjust and therefore sought to change this.

I think that in general the British workers wanted change, but they did more than that, they actively supported change as well. The evidence for this was clear from their support that they gave by not going to work during the strike. The fact that they didn’t go to work helped the

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