The Evolution Of Social Welfare Policy

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The Evolution Of Social Welfare Policy
In “Reluctant Welfare State” Jansson reveals to us society in mid-twenith century. It was the end of a long war. The econmy was at full employment and people had homes. Due to a series events that took place, it changed the outcome of the Unites States during the mid-twenith century. New laws were impeached, and their were protection laws for the people.
President Harry S. Truman was elected president in 1945. During his administration Korean War had begun. After the war military spending went down. Because North Korea invaded South Korea, President Truman raised military spending from 10 billion to 40 billion. Europe and Japan were economically devastated by the WWII. Meanwhile the United States prospered through hard economic times. The U.S dominated the world trade. American Industry created jobs thus trade was expanding manufacture goods such as automobile and housing was made affordable. The government cut taxes for homeowners. In 1941 Pearl harbor WWII ,Jansson noted that it wasn’t the programs of FDR it was WWII that turned the economy around. The G.I bill was passed in 1942 after the war. It was a bill to help veterans called 1946 Nation Health Act Mental Health.
President Eisenhower was elected as president in 1953. He was a military war veteran, who ended the Korean war. Eisenhower pointed out in his speech “Every dolllor spent on guns is a dollor not spent on humanitarian programs” (Jansson,2012, p.255). The Cold War

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