Essay The Evolution of the Word Freedom

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Just as every plants and animal as evolved and changed throughout the course of its existence so has the definition of freedom while its’ meaning has stayed constant. Freedom has a perpetual meaning, however, humans have tried to change the definition based upon moral, ethical, social, and legal ideals that have through history been debated upon and never satisfied all. Freedoms’ perpetual meaning is that everyone, no matter race or gender, has the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. As time progresses and new ideas flourish the definition of freedom either flourishes along with society or takes a drastic spiral downward usually with the opinions of humanity. In this essay we will be…show more content…
Thus began the movement to America in 1620 to receive the religious freedom and separation that they so desired from the Church of England. Once in America they were able to freely practice their own religious beliefs, and create a fresh life for themselves, their families, and their ideals. The Pilgrims were motivated by religious freedom and this was just a small story of the change of definition of freedom. If we fast forward to the American colonist fight for independence in 1775 we get to see a different fight for freedom. Where as the Pilgrims originally fought for freedom of religion from England, the American colonists fought for freedom of independence from England. Before the Revolutionary war began in 1775 there was a political war raging between the Crown and the Colonies. The British Parliament claimed it had the right to tax colonists to finance the colonies' military defenses, which had become progressively more expensive due to the French and Indian Wars of 1689 to 1763. The colonies contended that they had already spent much time, money, and effort through local government to maintain their place in the British Empire. With much help from Benjamin Franklin appearing before the British Parliament and testifying that the colonists had done more than their fair share and spent many millions of dollars. The colonists proclaimed that, as British subjects, imposing laws in Parliament upon the colonists without their vote on the matter, and particularly
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