The Exclusionary Rule Has Changed Our Societies

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The Exclusionary Rule Linnet Barreras Keiser University Abstract This research paper discusses the purpose of the exclusionary rule and whom it serves to protect, a background on how the rule came about and was included into the Fourth Amendment, detailed descriptions of the exceptions to the exclusionary rule, the abuse of those exceptions and how they affect government officials, and statistical data on behalf of the research done. Important landmark cases dealing with the exclusionary rule will be thoroughly described including their outcomes. Furthermore, statistics on crime rates will also be added within this research paper to give the readers an example of how the inclusion of the exclusionary rule has changed our societies in some ways. To add, I will go into detail as to why some people find the exclusionary rule to be controversial and I will conclude with my own perspective on the topic of the exclusionary rule itself and the exceptions that play an important role in it. The Exclusionary Rule “The United States Supreme Court currently enforces an exclusionary rule in state and federal criminal, proceedings as to four major types of violations: searches and seizures that violate the fourth amendment, confessions obtained in violation of the fifth and ' sixth amendments, identification testimony obtained in violation of these amendments, and evidence obtained by methods so shocking that its use would violate the due process clause”(Oakst, 1970). Many

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