The Execution Of The Death Penalty Essay

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The Execution of the Death Penalty Have you thought about your own execution in the past day, week, or month? Most people don’t have to worry about being executed in the United States of America. The Death Penalty must be abolished in the United States of America because it is hypocritical, not needed to punish criminals and is costly and inefficient. Solitary confinement is arguably an equal or superior punishment for the worst of humanity due in part to the harsh circumstances in solitary cells. The death penalty is not cost effective, and includes multiple victims other than the inmate. The death penalty may appease the victims of the crime, the victims’ family and community, but the death penalties worth must be balanced not only for its psychological impact on the criminal and the victims but also financially. When examining the death penalty one must consider the collateral damage to include other victims such as doctors impacted by the process of execution who take the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. This paper will explore the history of the death penalty in the United States, the many reasons for abolishing the death penalty including examining the legal system responsible for handing down sentencing and will review some of the reasons why the death penalty punishment is still lawful in thirty two of the United States fifty states. When compared to international statistics on crime the USA is the number one country for criminal incarceration with twenty five
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