The Execution Of Willie Trottie

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Introduction All countries on the planet either have capital punishment or have had it at one time. The death penalty is utilized as a part of most cases to rebuff the individuals who infringed upon the laws or models that were anticipated from them. Executions basically infuse more brutality into an officially antagonistic American culture. This paper will discuss the execution of Willie Trottie . Willie Trottie Willie Trottie, black, poor, abandoned at a young age by an alcoholic mother, and victim of abuse started dating Barbara Canada in 1989 and and soon thereafter began living together and had a child. In September 1992, Willie and Barbara separated and she moved in with her family. After some time, the relationship soured. Willie …show more content…

All of his subsequent appeals in state and federal court were denied. Willie Trottie was executed by lethal injection on September 10, 2014 for the murders of Barbara and Titus Canada. Willie asked for forgiveness serval times before he was executed. His final words were “I love you all; I’m going home, going to be with the Lord. Find it in your hearts to forgive me. I’m sorry.” As the lethal dose of the powerful sedative pentobarbital took effect, he closed his eyes and breathed quietly. After about eight breaths, he opened his mouth to exhale, and then closed it. Why Death? A life sentence is sufficient deterrent, and many would argue more so than the death penalty. There is no evidence that countries that still apply the death penalty have lower crime rates, in fact the opposite seems to be true with the US. The greatest deterrent in crime is the fear of getting caught, not the resultant punishment. If criminals knew that they would get caught and would have to spend a long time in a prison that would make them think twice. If they can be confident that they won 't get caught, even though the punishment is a death sentence, some would take the chance. Countries with effective criminal justice systems, catching people early before they descend into worse and worse offending have the lowest crime, not contries with the harshest penalties. Willie Trottie is a case in point. As a society we will do better to learn about him, what he did, what

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