The Existence Of Evil Demon

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On Meditation 1, the philosopher Rene Descartes centers on the idea that senses can not be trusted. Since in the past senses deceived him and let to false beliefs. Therefore his main concern is to erase all of the false beliefs he held to be true by analyzing and questioning which of them should be unreliable. Descartes, then, creates a new belief system in which all of the beliefs are correct.
By doing this, he eliminates the doubt by arguing the possibility of an evil demon that is capable of deceiving our senses and even the mathematical knowledge we might have. That is, maybe this evil demon manipulates my thoughts so I can see only what he wants me to see. It is like that the only existent things in the world are the evil demon and I. Nothing else around me exists. But can I question things not perceived by the senses? Is it possible to doubt that a square has four sides and 1+1=2? The answer would be yes. This evil demon can put this into my mind so I can see it. Thus, I do not have any mathematical knowledge. If this is the case, then I should not trust anything that comes from my senses and reasons. Therefore, nothing based upon sense experience can count as certain.
Another skeptical argument Descartes present in meditation 1 is whether or not we can distinguish dreams from reality. In this argument, Descartes is saying that when I dream I have similar sense experience as to when I am awake. However, those experiences are not precisely accurate as to

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