The Expense of Owning a Horse

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Usually the cheaper part of getting a horse is the actual purchase price. Horses can cost anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of pounds depending on the type and breed of the horse, the age, who is selling the horse and why, how much training he's had and how experienced he is. Buying a horse from a private seller Buying from a private seller rather than a trainer, breeder or dealer can be a way to get a good deal and save money. Private sellers often advertise in newspapers, on bulletin boards of tack stores or on buy-and-sell websites. If you're inexperienced with horses be sure to bring along someone you trust when seeing a horse. An experienced horseperson will be able to tell if the animal is good for you and whether or not it seems to have any behavioural problems. If your expert feels the horse is sound and good for you, then a vet will determine if the animal is health and suitable for what you want to use it for. Some of the better reasons private owners sell their horses are a change in finances resulting in the horse being too expensive to keep, moving and not being able to take the horse with them, wanting to replace a beginner's horse with a seasoned show animal, children moving out of the house and leaving no one to ride the horse or just generally losing interest in the hobby. Unfortunately people also sell horses for less…

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