The Experience Of Speaking : My Past Public Speaking Experience

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Overview Public speaking is a large part of any young adult’s or professional’s life. It is said that if you can’t express your ideas in an understandable and complete way, that you might as well have not thought of them at all. Being able to express your opinions on matters is a life skill that will never stop being useful. To have nuanced and intelligent conversations, you need to be confident enough that anxiety does not get in the way of your ability to convey your thoughts. Being a collected and thoughtful speaker is an invaluable skill that will help you excel in life in not only social, but economic matters as well. Public speaking is a challenging subject to cover since it is not a traditionally taught class. There are not any formulas to learn and for the most part, it is not a passive skill that you can pick up from just observing. The only way to tackle both the anxiety of public speaking, and the struggle to communicate your ideas in a coherent manner, is to get up and do public speaking, and fight through the struggles.

My Past Public Speaking Experience I have had the fortune to have slightly more opportunities with public speaking than some of my peers due to my office job that I had for about a year. In that job, I had to frequently meet with my boss and his boss to present any ideas or concerns I had regarding the company’s technological side of things. I had to do several presentations on different options for many of the tech based decisions they made.

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