The Face Behind Bitcoin

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The Face Behind Bitcoin The Newsweek has gone too far by invading Satoshi Nakamoto’s private life without his consent. The reporter goes to the extent of going to confront Nakamoto from his residence in temple city where he decides to involve the police because he never consented on speaking with the reporter. In the letter he accuses Newsweek of printing false reports concerning his life, and this has created a great deal of confusion and stress to him and the family members. He finishes by asking the Newsweek to respect his privacy. The allegation made on Mr. Nakamoto is not justifiable in any sense since he personally denied being involved in the programming and invention of the bitcoin technology. The magazine is seen to have developed its own thesis on the programmer’s identity by matching Nakamoto’s name and career to the alleged creator of the digital currency system. He even argues out that he never heard the term Bitcoin until his son told him. The reporter goes ahead to his home even after noticing Mr. Nakamoto’s character of not being social to the public. In the story he is described to be a man with few words and very intelligent. The initial program document carried the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, and because the author chose to remain private and anonymous, it had been widely assumed the name to be a pseudonym. The reporter is seen to have gone to the extent of going to Mr Nakamoto’s home to confront him on the story which he earlier denied talking about

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