The Failure Of Jay Gatsby 's American Dream

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The Failure of Jay Gatsby‘s American Dream During the 1920‘s, people believed in the idea of the American Dream. It was a dream that everyone was trying to accomplish. It was a dream of a wonderful life. Gatsby was one of the main characters who was parsuing that wonderful life. The one and only thing that was tearing him apart from inside, was not having a girl who once was his girlfriend, Daisy. F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby highlights the meaning of the green color as a symbol that plays a big role in the novel. Narrator Nick received a green card from Daisy at Gatsby‘s party. Daisy explains that “if [Nick wants] to kiss [Daisy] anytime during the evening“ all he has to do is “mention [her] name or present a green card and [she will] be happy to arrange it for [him].“ (Fitzgerald 111) The green cards are representing the dance cards. Women would hand out cards to men with whom they would like to dance. Daisy‘s excited because she hands Nick a card, telling him he could exchange it for a kiss, which Nick thinks is pointless. The color green reinforces Fitzgerald‘s use of that color to represent hope and wealth as in the green light at the end of Daisy‘s dock. At the beginning of the book, Nick, as the narrator, explains how the green light means something deep for Gatsby: “A single green light minute and far away, that have been the end of the dock.“(26) We could say that the green light is what Gatsby is mostly living his life for at the moment.

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