The Fall Of The City Of Jerusalem

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Triston Janise


Coach Wade

World history The fall of Jerusalem.

There are many reasons for the fall of the city of Jerusalem. Some of those reasons being that the defenders of the city were completely out-numbered by Saladin’s army, the weakness of the city’s walls, a long siege by Saladin’s army, and the collapse of the Kingdom of Jerusalem itself. When Saladin’s army approached the city of Jerusalem the defenders of the city was starchily out numbered. The cause of this was the fact that in a previous battle now known as the battle of Hattin the Jerusalem force of 16200 men were completely decimated by Saladin’s force of 42000 men. The reason for this great defeat at the hands of Saladin’s army was poor leadership. The new king of Jerusalem Guy was bent on attacking Saladin’s army as soon as possible. This caused the new king to leave the city of Jerusalem with most of its defenders. After he left the city is where he made his biggest military blunder. He made camp with his army at the first watering hole outside of Jerusalem. Guy and his army however did not stay long. They soon moved out in search of Saladin’s army this was his fatal mistake. Instead of staying at his original camp where he and his army had a good supply of water he made a brash decision and decided to march his army in the pursuit of Saladin’s army. His original camp was the only source of water for many miles. With this decision to march without a good supply of water he made his army very

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