The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe

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The Fall of the house of Usher Literary Analysis
A “Royal house” refers to the Royal family’s members. The house becomes a representation of the family as the reputation of the house relies on the family’s actions and status. The Usher family was at one time a great family in the upper tier of society which is why they titled their family and home “the house of Usher.” Edgar Allan Poe uses this symbol to draw in the reader by giving the house of Usher human like characteristics similar to Lady Madeline and Rodrick. This allows the house to become “alive” in the story and help the reader understand the family’s background. The reflections that are used in the story also offer some clues on to how Poe plans to use the house. In Poe’s The Fall of the house of Usher, The house serves as a symbol representing the impaired nature of Roderick and Lady Madeline.
Poe romanticizes the house’s broken and deteriorated structure to embody the nature of Rodrick. Rodrick’s family was once a part of a pristine blood line that was considered similar to royalty (as royalty referred their family as the “house of said family”) which is why Poe gives the reader the description that the house was once a great mansion. Rodrick has become the last member of a struggling (of late) family. Rodrick has fallen into a depressed state, which is what brought the narrator to the house, and the house is also in its own state of depression as Poe describes the vacant windows, bleak walls and decaying trees.

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