The Federal Budget For The United States

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The Federal budget for the United States is a very important part of what the president must put together every year so every department in the government can know what they will be able to spend in the upcoming year. Government spending generally exceeds the budget put in place which is why America is so far into debt, the good thing about the budget is that about 21% of it goes back into the economy. The fiscal policy is how the government spending and taxation influence the economy based on what goods and services are purchased or the taxes collected. The federal budget is split into three parts the mandatory spending, discretionary spending, and interest on debt. It may seem like the interest on debt would need the biggest part of the budget because the U.S. is trillions of dollars in debt, but this part of the budget actually takes up the least amount of money. The mandatory and discretionary take up a little over 90% of the whole budget paying for all of the services the government provides citizens. The discretionary spending in the United States mostly goes to the military forces and pentagon, while a very small part of that budget goes to education, health services, food assistance, among many others. The Mandatory spending is the spending category where congress authorizes spending that is not in the normal appropriations process. This budget category includes Medicare, social security, food stamps, along with a large amount on transportation. All of these
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