The Feminist Theory Paper

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Gender bias is the gender role that society has developed for males and females (Brym, 2014, p. 77). It is the expectation that society has created for males and females to behave a certain way. For example, women are deemed delicate, and male are deemed masculine. This is a huge problem for society because media has enforced these gender roles for many years, especially in sports. It creates certain bias or stereotypes that a male or female must follow or else they would be deemed different and be socially excluded. Therefore the media is extremely influential to the gender roles each person in society must follow. The feminist theory is the theory that theorists focus on the gender inequality between male and female because of the male dominance …show more content…

The social structures are the way humans communicate with each other, and these include macrostructures and microstructures (Brym, 2014, p. 8). Since these social roles are created for women and for men, it is the way human beings socialize with each other. The feminist theory focuses on the macrostructures and the microstructures (Brym, 2014, p. 19). Macrostructures focus on the social relations outside of the intimate relationships whereas, microstructures focus on the relationships that are intimate (Brym, 2014, p. 9). In the scenario of gender bias in media, the feminist theory would focus more on the macrostructures because macrostructures focus on the patriarchy. The patriarchy illustrates the inequality between men and women (Brym, 2014, 19). If society is able to change the structure, people are more likely to live a happier life because there would be an equal share of responsibility. The husband would not have be expected to be the dominant money maker, and wife would not have to be the one that is expected to take care of their children. Thus, it would allow each gender to choose their own social role and not what they are expected to

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