The Field Of Lost Shoes Essay

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The movie The Field of Lost Shoes, purely based off of the Battle of New Market, is both accurate and inaccurate when displaying soldiers’ lifestyle and their experiences that occurred during the Civil War. The movie is inaccurate in a way that is portrays soldiers having to leave their jobs, when they really did have jobs they had to leave. The movie is accurate in most scenes. Its accuracy proves to be correct in the scenes that women had to step in as nurses and help the wounded, soldiers leaving their loved ones, the horrible conditions that the soldiers had to fight through, and when groups of stable soldiers went to the field’s aftermath to rescue wounded soldiers and their loved ones. Overall, the movie is consistently accurate all the way through to show how the Civil War impacted the American lifestyle. Towards the beginning of the movie, there’s an inaccurate scene that drifts you into the setting of the movie with introductions of the main characters. It starts by a multitude of cadets in the background, chatting away, getting to know each other. A certain group of individuals, including Cadet Garland Jefferson and Cadet John Wise, are spotlighted when they go into a side room in a large building and pull a causal prank on a new cadet. The Cadets enjoyed themselves in the fun of fooling the little boy and worked up an appetite. Later that evening, they proceed by going to the bakery taking some bread from an old slave baker and making a trade agreement with him.

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