The Field Of Radiology For Medical Schools

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The field of radiology is one that is intertwined with many other medical fields. Doctors in radiology or Radiologist as they are commonly known have the necessity to communicate with other care providers in order to provide adequate care. Doctors in radiology are essential to many other aspects of medicine and as a result this is the career field I want to pursue upon graduation. I will be reviewing this profession in many aspects such as duties, educational requirements, and the field in general. Doctors in radiology are more in tuned with what is known as diagnostic medicine. Doctor in radiology is a subfield of medicine that takes many years to acquire. The educational requirements for a Radiologist is extensive like many other medical degree. In order to pursue a Doctor in Radiology degree one must first obtain a Bachelors degree and meet the prerequisites for the medical program you are applying to. Prerequisites for medical schools vary across the nation specially between schools. However, according to the association of American Medical Colleges or AAMC, an individual must complete at least one year per each of the following course: biology, physics, and English (Admission Requirements). Furthermore, the AAMC states that a candidate must also have two years of chemistry courses, which includes general and organic chemistry (Admission Requirements). An individual must also take a standardize exam prior to applying to medical school (Admission Requirements). The
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