The Fiery Trial Summary

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The Fiery Trial by Eric Foner Abraham Lincoln is one of the most influential American Presidents known for his leadership in a revolutionary movement that officially outlawed slavery in the U.S. Eric Foner, the American historian examined the path of Lincoln that eventually led him to a historical achievement. The Fiery Trial by Eric Foner shows that Lincoln unlimited capacity for growth allowed him to adapt to the changing political environment as the issue of slavery progressed in the 19th century. The book is a biography of Lincoln that takes a look at how Lincoln’s upbringing and early political environment had shaped his opinions regarding slavery. By putting Lincoln’s actions into the background in which they have occurred, Foner not only makes sense of the inconsistency in Lincoln’s political behavior, but also shows how a radical idea that seemed ridiculous at the time could be gradually implemented by the changing public sentiment. Before I read this book, my knowledge of Lincoln was extremely limited. I imaged that Lincoln must had been destined to greatness to be the first person with the power to abolish the long standing institution of slavery in the United State. However, this biography of Lincoln proves many of my thoughts wrong countless times. I have assumed Lincoln to be a radical abolitionist because he liberated the slaves, but Foner argues that a radical change would not have succeeded without a moderate approach. In addition, Foner takes account of

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