The Fight Against The King 's Army

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It was a dark, stormy night in Philadelphia. The streets were empty, and all you could hear was the sound of pouring rain. The other houses were completely dark, not a single speck of light in sight. The street lights were all broken, all but one that flicked on and off continuously. As the rain poured and thunder roared in the distance, two siblings were having a normal conversation which slowly grew into an argument. “So, I’ve been thinking about working for the King, like joining His Majesty’s army,” the older brother, Thomas, said. “I heard it was a good pay. What about you?” “Are you serious? You’re choosing to work for the King? I would rather die than bow down at his feet,” Jefferson snapped. “The pay would mean nothing with all His taxations.” “Thomas groaned in frustration. “What would you rather do? Fight against the King’s army? They have the advantage of more guns and weapons, Jefferson! If you become loyal to the King, you’ll be under a better protection!” he cried, louder than he intended to. He reached out his hand to his younger brother, hoping he would join him. As Jefferson quickly backed away, the old wooden floor boards creaked at his sudden movement. “Become a Loyalist? Never! Yes, I agree that they have more fire power, but I am tired of the crown. Tired of all of this! How will we ever be able to have our own country if we don’t stand up for ourselves? They taxed us! They took away people’s properties. I have to fight for our freedom!” He shouted at
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