The Film Directed By Spike Jonze Essay

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In the film Her directed by Spike Jonze there are many different ideas and themes to be explored. On first viewing one might see a film about science and technology where the second time viewing the film one might view the film as one about relationships and social needs. These ideas and themes are all very important to the overall message of the film. Her is a film about relationships. These relationships include the “main” relationship of the film between Theodore and Samantha, as well as between Theodore and his friends, Theodore and himself, but most importantly Theodore and the world around him. In this paper, the themes of loneliness and need for social connection will be analyzed. Also, the relationship which this film has with our present day world will be analyzed. While the film’s world is clearly not our own, technology wise our world is almost to the same point as the one depicted in Her. In the film Her, one can analyze its themes of social needs by looking at Theodore’s needs and wants, the cinematography, the use of flashback, and how the film connects to our present day world. Theodore is the main character in the film Her. Quickly we learn that he is a romantic from his job, which is to write love letters, but we also see he is depressed and lonely. The film is a study of Theodore and what he needs to do to escape his loneliness and fulfill his social needs, but the viewer sees Theodore struggle with this because of what he wants. When a friend emails him

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