The Film Their Eyes Were Watching God

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The film Their Eyes Were Watching God, based off of the novel by author Zora Neale Hurston, is a story of a young woman named Janie who spends the film narrating her life story to a friend. Janie’s story is one of self-exploration, empowerment, and the ability to express her freedoms both as a maturing woman and African American, throughout her life experiences. As she navigates through sexism and racism to find herself it becomes more evident that it will be more difficult than she initially thought to reach a point of happiness.
Throughout the film Their Eyes Were Watching God there were many different themes in including the young African American woman’s quest for self-discovery beyond the values and expectations set on her by the society that allows neither women nor African Americans to exist without limitations. Any observer of the film can focus on the degradation and strict gender roles that all of the female characters, including the main character Janie were placed in. Women were not only considered weak as a whole but also are completely defined by their relationship to men in their lives. This reason in itself is why marriage plays a large role considering women can only gain a through marriage to powerful or ambitious men.
For example, Nanny, the woman who raises Janie, main concern is to marry Janie to a man with enough money to support her and to mold her granddaughter into a healthy, respectable, and submissive wife so that she ultimately always has

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