The Film Twelve Angry Men Which Was Produced In 1957, Demonstrates

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The film Twelve Angry Men which was produced in 1957, demonstrates how a jury room took place in the 1950’s. The whole film except the first few minutes of it, takes place in a jury room without air conditioning. It demonstrates how steamy and tense things can get between jurors when it comes to deliberating a case. It is apparent that the theme of this film is justice. Why should this 18-year-old boy who could possibly be innocent, receive the death penalty when he still has a whole life ahead of him? The jurors deliberated on the trial of a first-degree murder case of this young boy who was accused of stabbing and killing his father. Their opinions are expressed and all evidence is presented in order to conclude the verdict of the boy. …show more content…

This was when the film becomes interesting. The argument of the film is the jurors deliberating whether the boy is guilty. After juror number 8 stated the boy could be innocent, the other jurors were stubborn and kept insisting to send the boy to the chair. The fact that all the other jurors assumed that the boy was guilty was quite unfair. This was when the major conflict arose in the film, when all but one juror disagreed with the punishment which then forced them to discuss the case.
Since juror number 8 didn’t agree with the rest of the jurors, he had to support his claim with the evidence that was presented. He talked about the evidence that was collected from the crime. Some of the evidence is strong and makes sense. Juror number 8 made several good points and one of them was that it was not possible for the old man to have heard the yell. The juror claimed that the old man had poor hearing and there was a train that passed by the house around the same time the killing occurred. Therefore, how was it possible for the yell to have been heard? This evidence relates to the rest of the evidence collected. The old man was not a good witness to the case and so the juror had to continue to state the rest of the evidence in order to convince the other men that the boy was not guilty. Another strong point that the writer made in this film is the physical evidence that was used in the case. There was not much

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