The First Day By Edward P Jones Analysis

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In his story, “The First Day,” published in the 1990’s, Edward P. Jones discusses the story about a young girl’s first day of school. This story is about a mom who is taking her child to her first day of school, but they run into problems because the first school didn’t accept her. When they go to another school, the mother is illiterate and needs help filling out the paperwork for the new school. Although a parent may not have an education of their own, Edward P. Jones argues that a parent will do anything to make sure their child gets an education. In “The First Day,” Jones repeats things that show that a parent will do anything for her daughter. The mother wants to take her daughter to a certain school. The daughter repeats the different …show more content…

Jones contrasted the attitude of the daughter to the attitude of the mother. After they got rejected from the wrong school. The girl was worried that she could not go to school. She said “Mama, I can’t go to school?” (Jones, 1990’s, p. 1). After she said that, her mother replied, “One monkey don’t stop no show” (Jones, 1990’s, p.1). This shows that a parent will have a positive attitude and will keep trying for their kid no matter how many obstacles that will come in the way. The child is just worried that they might not be able to do something. There is a difference between the different schools that they go and check out. The first school that they mother wants the girl to go to, Seaton Elementary School, is not as big as the other school, which is Walker-Jones. The girl likes Walker-Jones because it is newer and it is larger. The mom does not really like it because it is not by the church that she goes to and it’s not the school she wanted her daughter to go to (Jones, 1990’s, p.1). But the mom deals with it because it is the school that her daughter can gto to. This shows that even though a parent may not agree with the school that their child has to go to, they deal with it because they just want the child to go to school and get an education. When they went to Seaton Elementary School, and they got rejected, the mother said, “I want her to go here” “If I’da wanted her someplace else, I’da took her there” (Jones, 1990’s, p. 1). This just shows that a parent …show more content…

She said “...perhaps even on Sundays when I was in my mother’s womb, my mother pointed across I Street to Seaton as we come and go to Mt. Carmel” (Jones, 1990’s, p.1). This is an anomaly because it she says she even remembers when she was in her mother’s womb. This shows that even before she was born, her mother had an idea of where she wanted her child to go to school. She thought ahead and began to plan a future for her child. “ mother continues to pull out the documents with the purposefulness of a magician pulling out a long string of scarves” (Jones, 1990’s, p.2). The mother had everything ready for her child to get into school. When a parent wants to get their child an education, when they go to sign them up for school, they will be prepared and have all paperwork for the school. The parent cares about their child's education and

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