The First Days Of The War On Drugs

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Understanding how the first days of the war on drugs began helps to explain where society is now in regards to combating this global dilemma. The effects of prohibition resulted in threats to one’s health via harsher chemicals, organized crime, and demoralization. Individuals suffering from the illness of addiction are still human and should be regarded as such without shame or guilt. Understanding where stress and anger originate as well as the addiction process, can aid the clinician to enhanced understanding and effective communications with clients. Prior to prohibition many people received their drugs from the local pharmacy, but once drugs became illegal the complications followed. Before prohibition the drink of choice was …show more content…

The causes of addiction are often misunderstood while the addictive personality is permanent once it develops. The addictive belief process is comparable to illusions and delusions. There are eight illusions pertaining to the addictive process, which is also referred to as values and beliefs. These value and belief systems stem from society; the first value is the need to be #1. Society today places a great deal of value on being #1, such as the need for luxurious expensive items thus creating unrealistic expectations, often originating as being a workaholic in an effort to attain such status. Commercials on television today exemplify this by showing beautiful people advertising for the adult beverage companies giving the user the feeling that if they utilize this product they can be #1 and receive all the perks that go along with it. Living for outcomes in an effort to be #1 and not living in the moment. All addictions are mood altering and the addict begins living for the outcome. Control is the 3rd model whereby, the addict senses he/she has control over their using, and are capable of quitting at anytime; the reverse is true in this case. There is a perception and belief that one must reach perfection, as a means of doing everything precise and without errors is

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