Influence On The Role Of Globalization In The 19th And 21st Century

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Globalization is the process in which a world-wide circulation of goods, ideas, and people takes place. Historically, there were two periods of profound expansion, the 15th and 16th century and 20th and 21st century. In both cases, these eras of globalization were preceded by periods of enriched thinking, sharing, and scientific revolutions. The renaissance is a prime example of an era when ideas and knowledge flourished and spread throughout Europe. This newfound age of discovery resulted in global territorial and population alterations. The renaissance spurred the discoveries of land and resources and their subsequent importance in achieving objective of western supremacy. Consequently, a wave of innovation assembled new navigational techniques and stimulated the mass manufacture of ships. The first glimpse of globalization, was the driving forces of “serving God, the King and also to get rich” and the centers were Spain and Portugal followed by the Netherlands and England (Strayer pg.621). During the 15th century, empires expanded, commerce thrived and ideas were nourished. The Industrial Revolution took old and western nations began a new round of empire building in Asia and Africa, that global network tightened further, and its role as generator of social and cultural change only increased. (Of the 19th century spurred the technological advances of communication and transportation which disbanded the barriers of distance and time.) Moving into the 20th century,

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