The First Lady. Obama

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The First Lady When I first saw Michelle Obama it was in 2007 during the election trail. I did not really know much about her then, because I was only in the 5th grade and I was more into dolls and Disney channel than watching politics. I would hear my mother talk about her, but that is the most that I would know about her for a while. I started to really notice her win I started to see her on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel when she would do her guest appearance on some shows. I than started to hear about some of her works on fitness in America and the obesity rates. When Nickelodeon would have their Worldwide Day of play I would see some of the interviews that she would do. I started to hear about her food regulations that she has put through and heard some people and students complain about. Michelle Obama is a very smart woman and she is trying to get people to see that having good health can help them succeed. In all actuality she is there and doing somethings that other First Ladies have not done and is which in some ways she is a great First Lady. She is a woman to look up to for a few reasons. Michelle Obama has been working to help people and bring awareness to mental health issues. Some people may ask why they should listen to her. According to Barbara O 'Dair, Michelle Obama Has taken the lead on ending this stigma so sufferers, including, military personnel, veterans, and their families, can get the help they need" (O 'Dair 36) She has met soldiers dealing
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