The First World War I Essay

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The First World War was a global war that started in Europe and lasted from 1914 to 1918. It was one of the deadliest war which caused many political changes including revolution in some of the countries involved. It all started when a Serbian nationalist assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. This was done in protest to Austria-Hungary having control over the region. Serbia wanted to take over Bosnia which led to Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia. This caused Russia to get involved in the dispute to defend Serbia. This led to Germany declaring war on Russia to protect Austria. France was also drawn in against Germany and Austria-Hungary and as Germany attacked France through Belgium, Britain had to enter the war to protect Belgium and its neutrality. That one shot of the Serbian nationalist turned Europe into a blood bath. World War 1 was without a doubt the bloodiest and the most revolutionary battle of the twentieth century. The Great War had collapsed many great empires, created new nations and had sparked tensions that exploded across from 1914 till 1918 that changed the dynamics of the entire world. Modern and advanced weaponry used in the war had wrecked the entire generation of young men. The US entered the conflict late in 1917 and after that the country was never the same. The US emerged as a global military power after the war. The war had strengthened national pride and powered distresses that the Progressive Era had hoped for the modern world.

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