The For White Collar Crime Offenders Within The Health Care System

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Health Care Fraud I. Introduction To any individual, anyone working in the medical field may not seem harmful of being a white collar crime offender. As Edward Sutherland stated, crime can be committed by a person of high social status and respectability in the course of his or her occupation. We the people believe and trust those who work under the medical field because they have education, earn a good living, and ultimately help us when we are sick. We don’t see them as criminals, but the text will focus on why there is a need to pay attention to white collar crime offenders within the health care system. This paper will focus on a case from a doctor who was charged for committing healthcare fraud. This paper will focus on how those who …show more content…

Guerrero assigned a staff member who provided a drug education class to his patients, and then billed claims for fifteen to thirty minute counseling sessions, when the staff member giving these classes was not a licensed counselor. Unfortunately, the article does not state how long, if any time, will be spent in prison for the killings of the five individuals. The article does not provide whether he will be paying any type of fine for healthcare fraud committed over the three day span, but looking at other offenders who committed this similar act, Guerrero can possibly face a $2.75 million fine if convicted for the alleged health care fraud. (Coghill, 2015) III. Theoretical application Anyone in the medical field may seem trustworthy because most of the time they are. Unfortunately, there are those individuals who seek financial gain and are no longer trustworthy. There is no exact amount of how much fraud has been committed within the health care system, because it usually is never detected. Like in the case of Dr. Guerrero who committed a healthcare fraud scheme against his patients, employees of the health care system, and health care insurances. According to Vivek Pande and Will Maas, Dr. Guerrero was able to commit fraud against clients and the health care system and insurance providers; it is an ingenious crime, because the public considers them intelligent and high achieving individuals. (Pande & Maas, 2013) Overall, health care providers have a choice

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