The Formation of Solar System Essay

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[Type the document title] | The formation of solar systems | | This paper concludes some scientific explanation of how the universe was created. | | | 8/1/2011 | | SCI224 Fundamentals of Astronomy Final Paper ------------------------------------------------- Instructor: William McMullen, Ph.D. Name: Johanne Val ------------------------------------------------- Due Date: 8/1/11-Revised Copy For your final paper, pick of the three topics below. 1. The formation of solar systems What is the current scientific explanation of how your topic evolved into its current state? Scientific observations of the formation of solar systems have been concluded that the universe has many different types of…show more content…
First generation stars were massive and very hot. They did not contain heavy elements therefore they die faster than population II stars. Only population I stars would have formed in stellar nebulas that contained dust of dying population stars III, II and the population I stars. These population I stars have the coolest, smallest and the most lived stars. They were the only stars to have thought to be capable of having a solar system. Our solar system and the sun came from population I stars. The basic structure of our solar system consist of the Sun is in it center with many rocky planets in the inner parts which are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The Asteroids belt seats between Mars and Jupiter and left over dust and rocky materials that did not evolved into planets. The outer solar system has giant gas planets from Jupiter, Saturn, to Uranus and Neptune which has formed out of left over gas of the stellar nebulae. The Kuiper belt sometimes called The Edgeworth Kuiper-Belt was discovered in 1992. The Kuiper Belt is region of the solar system beyond the planets and outside of Neptune is made of icy objects. However, it was created roughly 4.5 billions of years ago. Pluto is the largest known member of the Kuiper Belt planets and it was reclassified to be a dwarf planet Who were some of the major

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