The Founding Of The Constitution

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In the beginning, government was created: the beginning of America, that is. Since this beginning, and also considerably long before it, government has been deemed as absolutely necessary to avoid anarchy and destruction. The Founders of the Constitution faced a challenge that had never been dealt with before: they needed a way to create a democracy but also nurture the notion that not every citizen was equipped to decide on issues facing the country. Direct democracy never even crossed the minds of each individual Founder because they immediately recognized its foolishness. They struggled, then, with making sure every citizen’s rights were protected while still having an effective government. From this, the idea of representative democracy was born. Coming up with ideas for the Constitution was difficult, but seeing that the document would be accepted by a majority of the states proved to be even harder. James Madison and others wrote the Federalist Papers to try to convince the states to institute the new Constitution. One paper in particular, the fifty-first, proved to be useful in showing how the rights of the people would be protected in this new representative government. Through the fifty-first Federalist Paper, it can be deduced that James Madison thought of the people as their own branch of government with their own set of governmental characteristics.
In order to critically analyze what was being said in Madison’s paper, the content and context must be

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