The Fourth Amendment And The Second Amendment

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The Fourth Amendment was passed by Congress on September 25, 1789. However, it was ratified on December 15, 1791. The Fourth Amendment is part of the first 10 Amendments which form the Bill of Rights. The Fourth Amendment is made to protect people from unlawful searches and seizures. This means that the police can 't search a person’s house without a warrant or probable cause. The founders of the Fourth amendment believed that freedom from government intrusion into one’s home is a natural right and fundamental to liberty. The idea of this is to protected citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. However,the Fourth Amendment has been debated for the last several years, as police and intelligence agencies in the United States have …show more content…

Weeks ' argument was that the 4th Amendment is meaningless unless it provides some real protection. Stating that people are safe from unreasonable searches and seizures has little value unless it is clear that evidence from such searches cannot be used in federal court. He also added that federal officials should not be able to break the law in order to enforce the law. The United States’ argument against Weeks’ prosecution proceeded logically; an arrest was made in connection with a search, and further searches produced further evidence of wrongdoing. At all times the officers were acting upon a growing body of evidence which suggested Weeks 's involvement in illegal activity. Weeks was guilty; he was in possession of evidence which was incriminating, and he should be punished. This case has had an effect on society because it shows how the rights of an individual were considered less important than the administration of justice. This case marked a turning point in the Supreme Court 's thinking. With the introduction of the exclusionary rule, the Court devised a way of enforcing the Fourth Amendment. Since evidence seized unlawfully could no longer be used in federal court against a defendant, a prosecutor might lose or drop a case for lack of evidence. Having the police be careful next time to obtain search warrants and make sure their searches and seizures are legal. The

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